Design Research

We thrive on understanding people and identifying the interplay between products, services, systems and cultures.

Our expertise in ethnography and psychology means we can detect unmet and unarticulated needs, desires and aspirations - then translate them into products, services and experiences that engage consumers and business customers.

Our key services include:

Exploratory Research to understand how people live, work and play - our methods include contextual enquiry, naturalistic observation, journal studies, digital ethnography, in-depth interviews and small-group discussions.

Participatory Research to engage people in the design process - we encourage participants to build stories around their experiences and to contribute ideas and concepts.  

Concept Testing to get feedback - we work throughout the product cycle to discover how people feel about our early concepts and prototypes through to fully realised products and services.

News & Insights


‘Insight Driven Innovation’, PDD features in New Design Year Book 2017

Vassilios Kanellopoulos talks to New Design magazine about PDD enjoying another successful year creating innovative products, services and experiences for clients the world over.


Risk management: Tips from Bunyadi, London's first naked restaurant

So the waiting list for London’s first naked restaurant has gone through the roof. The Bunyadi opens in June 2016 for three months and claims to offer diners an experience “free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life” including phones, electric lights and even clothing.