Talk: Medical devices for the home - designing for real world use


Chris Vincent, Senior Consultant - Human Factors & Usability, has been invited to speak at ‘Human Factors in Design’ at the Chinese Ergonomics Society's 16th Management Ergonomics Symposium.

Held over two days from 22nd October at Tonji University, Shanghai, Chris will be speaking on the 23d October at 9.20am on ‘Medical devices for the home: designing for real world use.’


As the combination of human engineering and design becomes increasingly tight, the number of people engaged in human factors engineering, management ergonomics, design innovation cross-field research is increasing. The purpose of this conference is to build a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, to explore the interpenetration and influence between design thinking, human factors engineering and management efficiency, to share the latest research and practice in the field of human factors, management and design both in academia and industry at home and abroad. To explore new developments in ergonomics, to promote cross-border communication among academics engaged in human factors research and design studies, and to enhance interaction with industry.


Speech:  Medical devices for the home: designing for real world use
Speaker: Dr Chris Vincent (PDD Group Ltd)
Speech Time: 09:20-09:40 (Sunday 23rd October)
Venue: Aquarium Lecture Hall

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