With little more than a 3D rendering and Swisslux’s vision for a unique aluminium toothbrush to guide us, PDD set about creating a next generation dental product that would perform as beautifully as it looked.

Our first task was to scope the market for off-the-shelf technologies that could ‘drive’ the brush. As the most advanced technology in the market, 'sonic pulse' was chosen as the most suitable for housing the anodized aluminium toothbrush casing. With the technology agreed, PDD proceeded to create and compile all the key elements necessary to develop the toothbrush: from drafting engineering solutions and prototype verification, to negotiating terms and conditions with vendors on behalf of the client.

By working with the vendor and client during the product execution phase, the distinct cultural differences between them became clear. In helping to bridge communications, PDD fulfiled the client’s expectations for a high quality product, while also optimising the capabilities of the local Chinese manufacturer.

Swisslux was also especially keen that the quality of materials and finish used on the packaging were equal to that of the product itself. PDD spent as much time, and attention to detail, on the packaging as on the new dental tool.

The result is an exclusive healthcare product. Made from aluminium, the Ultra Sonic is clearly no ordinary toothbrush.



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PDD completes its transition to the 2016 version of ISO13485 for Medical Devices.

PDD has completed its planned transition to the latest version of this rigorous international quality assurance standard for medical devices, building on the success of earlier transitions and successful audits to the FDA 21CFR Part 820 in 2015.