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September 20 2017
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The advantages of having an in-house Development Centre (DC)

One of the unique things about PDD is that its London studio has its own in-house DC, which provides our clients and PDD designers and engineers with some massive advantages over competitors.

Apart from the very friendly and talented team of model makers we have here (it’s not just my opinion) and our endless supply of biscuits, there are many advantages to having an in-house DC for PDD and its clients.

We can:

1. Do the majority of prototyping and verification work in-house which removes the need to outsource constantly.

2. Provide a different perspective on how to make something.

3. Help eliminate CAD blindness. This is where a designer has been looking at their screen for too long and a 0.05mm radius suddenly looks like the size of an orange and they’re not sure whether it’s going to interfere with another component.

4. Offer tighter controls and more flexibility that is not achievable when outsourcing.

5. Get hands on with physical materials or 3D print-outs. A physical mock-up provides feedback incredibly quickly and lets us know of any problems before it’s too far into the design / development cycle. This can also speed up the process.

6. Create test rigs, proof of principle models, block models, visual models, look like and feel like models, and pretty much any type of model you care to mention.

7. Help reduce costs and fear factor of getting things made thus encouraging ideation and innovative ways of doing things.

8. Help sell an idea – being able to see and touch a product model is very reassuring.

In any given day I will be doing anything from 3D-printing, spray painting, vacuum casting and modelling to machining a large variety of materials using both manual and CNC mills and lathes.

Like the long model list I mentioned previously, the list of skills and techniques I employ to get a job done is also very long.

… and finally, to get the best model, don’t forget to supply more biscuits – it’s incredible what biscuits can achieve!

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