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August 5 2019
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Culture: PDD and the return of a legendary punk band

PDD is proud to sponsor The Damned – the greatest surviving British Punk band on the launch of their first album after ten years.  Ain’t no rest for these wicked musicians who have been breaking all the rules ever since 1976. Vibrant and propelled by unparalleled creativity, The Damned have enriched their legacy with their every phase, becoming one of the best UK groups of any pop era.

Join Oliver Breit, lifelong punk music fan and PDD Managing Director Asia, for an energetic celebration of the 40th anniversary of their seminal album ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’ and good fun on 15 August at ‘This Town Needs’ in Hong Kong.

To purchase tickets or find out more information about these events, please visit

The Damned punk band concert in Hong Kong
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