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October 25 2016
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IFA 2016: Smarter homes, healthier, sustainable and better connected

IFA, held in Berlin, is one of the most important global consumer electronics and appliance events, presenting the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe’s most important regional markets.

The event provides a strong indication of what to expect in the consumer market for 2017. This year’s event focused on products and experiences intended to make homes smarter, healthier, more sustainable and better connected.

Oliver Breit (Managing Director Asia) and I attended the event and came away with lots of discussion points. But for this blog post, we’ve selected our top 3 picks of interest from IFA 2016. If you’d like to find out more or speak to me or Oliver directly, feel free to contact us on the details at the end of this post.

The kids are in control: Muuselabs Jooki, a jukebox for kids

Muuselabs have created an innovative music player aimed at the youth market to help make the digital world tangible to kids.

Aimed at children 3 years and up, the world’s first smart jukebox allows kids to enjoy music and stories without the need of a digital screen.

Muuselabs spotted that as CD’s and tapes have become obsolete and replaced by smartphones, young kids have lost the ability to listen to music independently. The great thing about Jooki is that it puts the child back in control and allows access to music without the need for parent supervision.

Taking inspiration from China: LG TWINWash

Taking inspiration from its washing machine range designed for the Chinese market, this year at IFA LG showcased its SIGNATURE washing machine range.

In China, for hygiene reasons, people prefer to wash outerwear and innerwear separately. This is particularly true for baby clothing. An efficient wash cycle is also a concern for Chinese consumers, especially when they are washing only a small amount of clothes.

The main washer in LG’s SIGNATURE washing machine handles the bulk of the laundry, while the TWINWash Mini can be set to run a different, smaller wash cycle. Both offer excellent energy efficiency ratings which will be a key and necessary requirement when consumer appliance regulations become stricter.

Rethinking the way we dry hair: The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

A first from  British invention company Dyson, who seem very serious about taking on the $1 billion (in Europe) hair care industry, is promising its new innovative hairdryer will change your life.

After £50 million investment over four years and with an RRP price tag of £299, the product isn’t cheap but the exceptional build quality and overall experience from weight allocation to magnetic attachments is a very neat proposition!

The Supersonic hairdryer includes the companies most advanced digital motor which spins at a frequency beyond human hearing, making its operation silent. Dyson claims its hairdryer is up to eight times faster than other hair dryer motors and a third of the weight. The dryer has automatically controlled air flow (150 degrees vs up to 230 degrees) using a microprocessor that takes measurements 20 times a second, which means your hair is less likely to dry out and get frazzled due to excess heat.

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