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May 13 2013
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Links from the Studio (31.05.13)

In an internet minute, more than 1.3 million YouTube clips are downloaded and 204 million emails are sent. Take a look at the amazing info-graphic Oliver shared in the list below. However on a sad note, Billy, our lovely Marketing Intern is leaving to continue his last year at university. We all wish him the best of luck!

From: Felix T.
Subject: TEDxCERN talk
From: Oliver S.
From: Emanuele M.
From: Simon L.
From: James S.
From: Stephanie R.
Subject: Deja Who?
From: James S.
From: Fabien S.
From: James S.

Subject: Mercedes QR codes aim to save lives 

From: Vicky H.
From: James S.
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