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March 4 2014
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Links from the studio – ‘Hacking for good’

It’s been a turbulent month of weather to say the least, but hopefully we’re through the worst and the onset of the lighter evenings brings hope of spring. This link shared around the PDD London studio shows how a Flood Hack event instigated by Number 10 and attended by engineers from Microsoft, Facebook and Google as well as independent developers, has the potential to help thousands through live data and data availability.

On the theme of data sharing for ‘the good’, Check That Bike! is an online Crowdsourced bike recovery service allowing consumers to check the frame number of a bike to ensure it’s not stolen before they buy it. As well as hints and tips of what to look out for, the service has a free public API that allows users to develop their own apps.

Here are a few more links from the studio last month. Look out for ‘Crowboarding’ it’s one of my favourites; it seems he’s even hacking!

From: James S. Subject: Typography in 2001: A space odyssey.

From: Naresh T. Subject: What do those squiggles on the pavement actually mean?

From: Heather M. Subject: Crowboarding! One bird’s fun in the snow.

From: James S. Subject: United Visual Artists ‘Momentum’ at the Barbican.

From: Ben K. Subject: Bottled headphones – Sony’s innovative approach to engaging consumers.

From: Sarita W. Subject: Headset for dogs translates their thoughts.

From: Robert T. Subject: Every state’s favourite band.

From: Amy R. Subject: Cleaver tip for all you bakers!


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