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July 8 2014
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Links from the studio-How to disappear

So the internet has been an important pillar in society for a few decades now, but as the NSA spying scandal showed all of us – our vulnerability online is not limited to cyber criminals. Over the last few months there have been a plethora of articles on how to erase your online self, exemplified through the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling on ‘the right to be forgotten’. After all, everything we do online these days is tracked and recorded, unless you solemnly use Snapchat that is.

So, how does one make themselves disappear online? Well, other than asking Google; Robbie sent around this interesting link in early June How to disappear (almost) completely: a practical guide. Although humorous in nature, it provides a tantalising insight into the evolving definition of ‘being online’. Considering everything we share via the internet, how safe and protected are we from unwanted individuals and organisations snooping on our lives?  As the world moves closer to technological convergence, and our devices become ‘connected’ and online; the scope of what it means to have privacy on the web will become harder to engage. Alongside sharing our lives and experiences, we’ll soon begin to share our habits, health and personal information through wearable devices and connected healthcare. Let’s just hope this new-age definition of #online retains the privacy and security of its predecessors, unless we may all have to ‘disappear’.

Here are some of the other links that have been flying around the studio last month…

From: Robbie W.
Subject: Experience yourself third-person view with Oculus Rift.

From: Sarita W.
Subject: Kudoso router only allows internet access after chores prolificacy.

From: Vish C.
Subject: How culture impacts the perception of beauty.

From: Simon L.
Subject: Connected Garden.

From: Susie Q.
Subject: Future of user-centric design.

From: Marie Lu V.
Subject: Gamification for healthcare products.


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