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April 5 2013
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Links from the Studio (05.04.13)

For your delectation this week – a smorgasbord of links from urban prototyping to a psychological test that will make you go “doh!” And, if you are still hungry for more you can always check out the US TV interview with Design Consultant Roger, on his encounter with a shark. Enjoy!

From: Ollie S.
Subject: 4D Printing

From: Fabien S.
Subject: Urban Prototyping Festival in London

From: Felix T.
Subject: Take the test – What class are you?

From: James S.
Subject: Future of paper in this digital world

From: Ross P.
Subject: Another data/art thing

From: Milly R.
Subject: Two apps that sense emotional wellbeing

From: Dan E.
Subject: Which way is the bus moving?

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