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April 19 2013
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Links from the Studio (19.04.13)

Who would have thought that everything from your smartphone camera to memory foam mattress have come about as a direct result of NASA inventions? You learn something new every day. Fortunately, if you’re taking a look at this week’s Links from the Studio, you might just learn four or five weird and wonderful things. What did people do before the internet?

From: Oliver S.
Subject: Heineken Ignite

From: Billy B.
Subject: 10 amazing NASA innovations we use every day…

From: Stephanie R.
Subject: Less tea, but more fun!

From: Matt C.
Subject: Breaking world speed sailing record – talk

From: Emanuele M.
Subject: Flying through a hole in the rocks at 250 km/h!

From: James S.
Subject: Very cool – Pixel Stars invade NY

From: Emanuele M.
Subject: The happiness switch: Light emitter shining in mice brain generates reward

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