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April 26 2013
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Links from the Studio (26.04.13)

Monday marked Earth Day 2013, a 24 hour reminder to raise awareness and take action towards the preservation of our planet and its natural resources. Keen to be green? Then take a peek at Matt’s link, a documentary on the environmental impact our waste has on the planet featuring a well-known face. Or if you think we’re doomed, there is always that option of a one-way ticket to Mars… who’s in?

From: Robbie W.
Subject: One-way ticket to Mars – Applicants wanted!

From: Taalib M.
Subject: Oculus Rift with omni-directional treadmill

From: James S.
Subject: BERG launches the #FLOCK cuckoo clock

From: Matt C.
Subject: Trashed – feature documentary on waste

From: Emanuele M.
Subject: Obake, the display you can pinch

From: Felix T.
Subject: TED Talk on ‘What makes us feel about our work’

From: Taalib M.
Subject: How safe is your password?

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