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September 3 2014
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Links from the studio: The hacked home

The connected home is becoming more and more of a reality as hordes of devices and services continue to flood the market. Want your heating to know your schedule and kick in when you’re exactly 10 minutes away from home – there is a device for that. Want milk ordered for you before you even realise you’re about to run out – there’s a device for that. Want your grass watered for you based on the changing weather – there’s a device for that too!

No matter what the task is, it seems that more and more devices and apps are coming to our aid, to assist in the everyday and sometimes menial tasks. But what happens if what you thought was your friend, in fact turned into your foe? What happens if that very system designed to make your life simpler started to spy on you through the TV, access your bank details when doing your online banking, or even listens to your conversations through the baby monitor – that’s when you’ve got a ‘hacked house of horrors’.

This eye opening link sent around the studio last month highlights some major security gaps, when a team of experts attempted to ‘hack and crack’ a series of devices in the connected home and discuss trade-offs between security, cost and usability.

Here are some more interesting links sent our studios:

From: Sarita W.
Subject: Thousand-strong robot swarm throws shapes, slowly.

From: Fabien S.
Subject: Using your ear to track your heart.

From: Mark H.
Subject: Build amazing connected products.

From: Susie Q.
Subject: Workers in windowless offices lose 46 minutes of sleep a night.

From: Robbie W.
Subject: Coffee-brewing alarm clock starts your day with a fresh mug.

From: Alex H.
Subject: Robots inspired by origami fold themselves into action.

From: Susie Q.
Subject: Sensors, sensors everywhere (but especially in the fields).

From: Josh R.
Subject: Graphene-treated rubber bands used as inexpensive body motion sensors.

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