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June 11 2014
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Links from the studio – Wearable technology in healthcare

It has been a bumper month for interesting links here in the studio with the longer days no doubt adding to the teams thirst for knowledge. Beating back breakthrough stories such as the ‘FDA approves first mind controlled prosthetic arm and ‘The world’s first Braille phone’, the king of the hill last month for me was a reminder to the days of the popular BBC program Tomorrows World showcasing the forefronts in technology set to change the future, that often many years later appeared to fizzle out disappointingly.

However we might now have a glimpse into how consumer tech can be used to save lives and to improve the education of others, not in the future, but right now. With surgeons pioneering an educational approach to procedures using Google Glass, users can effectively crowd-source solutions to possibly life-or-death decisions in real time, and record or stream procedures for medical training. This may seem out of character for the mass media attention of Google Glass, which readily focuses on topics such as the adverse effects of its use, or invasion of privacy (coining the phrase ‘Don’t be a Glass-Hole’). With the plight of complacency looming with any assertive technology (think how Satnav has stopped us all remembering directions) one hopes that this application can provide genuine augmentation to existing skills in the hunt for better more effective healthcare; I can’t wait to see how the minimalism of the hardware and promise of custom applied software & user interface might develop: First operation streamed live in London using Google Glass.

Here are some more interesting links for you.

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Subject: Expanding miniature sponges seal bullet wounds.

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Subject: IBM and auto industry creating connected car.

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Subject: The harmony between physical products and digital services.

From: Vish C.
Subject: Intel unveil 3D printed robot that will go on sale in months.


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