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December 15 2014
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Links from the studio: A worthy wearable

2014 seems to have become the ‘Year of the Wearable’ with an ever increasing range of new devices that compete for some of the high value real estate that is your body. Will there be space under the Christmas tree this year for all the Fitbits, GoPros, Withings, Tiles and Ups?

With all these body-worn devices constantly capturing and uploading data, who really benefits from the ‘Quantified Self’? Each of these products offers consumers a tangible benefit whether it’s monitoring or motivating but will they go the way of so many other data dependent services and become another outlet for advertising?

It’s unlikely that many of us will go as far as Karolyne Smith who acquired the ultimate wearable when she sold ad space on her forehead to finance her child’s schooling.

But the data we collect about ourselves and our habits is of enormous value and has huge potential for creating new markets and services. This is why we found this project by Microsoft and the charity Guide Dogs so interesting. The headset, worn by people with a visual impairment, works with a smartphone and a network of urban information beacons to provide detailed descriptions of the surroundings and a suggested route to the desired destination.

But what the system requires in order to reach its potential is as much up to date information about the urban environment as possible. Maybe we could put the wearable army to good use and harness the data being collected daily from commuters, runners, cyclists and motorists to open our cities to the 180,000 people in the UK with a visual impairment who rarely go out.

Here are some more interesting links from last month. Enjoy.

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