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August 21 2019
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Millennials demanding eco products but not willing to compromise on quality & efficacy

Here at PDD we love exploring the intersection between trends and key sectors. So we’ve put together a short snap-shot series looking at trends within Homecare and what they could mean to the fragrance and packaging sectors.

This Homecare series is designed to provoke thought; rather than presenting you with lots of information and data we start off by briefly presenting the main aspects of the trends, followed by some consideration points in the form of questions designed to kick-start exploration. We’ve topped this off with ‘sensory directions’ to add extra food for thought.

In this second instalment we focus on how the needs and desires of Millennials are driving a new approach to Homecare eco products and brands.

Millennials demanding eco products but not willing to compromise on quality & efficacy… 

Sensory Direction: Nature Amplified

  • Bold & confident
  • Concentrated
  • Stripped back
  • From ground to product
  • Behind the scenes
  • Extracting the maximum from nature
  • Saturated citrus or medicinal floral contrasting with deep & earthy

Millennials are the largest generation now and are gradually moving to their prime spending years. Whether growing into adulthood or embarking on their future lives, this generation are drawn to brands that reflect their personal values and are willing to pay extra for ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and brands. While eco and authenticity are highly valued, Millennials have high expectations and are not willing to compromise; demanding quality and efficacy from even the greenest of homecare products.


  • How can scent communicate nature and purity in a bold and impactful way that leverages the power of natural ingredients?
  • What scents communicate cleanliness, quality & efficacy?
  • What scents communicate ethical and social responsibility?
  • What scents communicate sustainability and environmentally friendly?

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