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March 30 2017
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Single-person households driving alternatives in homecare

Here at PDD we love exploring the intersection between trends and key sectors. So we’ve put together a short snap-shot series looking at trends within homecare and what they could mean to the fragrance and packaging sectors.

This Homecare series is designed to provoke thought; rather than presenting you with lots of information and data we start off by briefly presenting the main aspects of the trends, followed by some consideration points in the form of questions designed to kick-start exploration. We’ve topped this off with ‘sensory directions’ to add extra food for thought.

In this first instalment we focus on the global growing middle classes and the opportunities this poses for fragrances & packaging in homecare products.

Single-person households driving alternatives in homecare

Sensory Direction: Home Terrain

  • Warm, earthy, woody
  • Distinct yet subtle
  • Cologne inspired
  • No-nonsense
  • Universal to all areas
  • Longevity of scent
  • Scent evolving over time

There has been a rise in single-person households, particularly in developed markets, partially due to an increase in divorce rates as well as a rise in the average age of marriage and cohabitation. This is pushing demand for smaller package sizes to reflect different consumption needs and space requirements, in addition, many of these single-person households are headed by men who may desire different attributes from their homecare products.


  • What scents may appeal to men / different life stages within the context of homecare?
  • What aspects of scent can reflect different homecare routines and needs? (i.e. longevity of scent, rate of scent release, scent that evolves over time, etc.)
  • How can scent reinforce efficacy in smaller size packaging? (i.e. strength of scent)

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