The Award-Winning Monsieur Cuisine | PDD

A multi-functional and compact kitchen machine designed for one of the world's biggest retailers, Lidl

Complexity defines their needs and digital information guides their entire purchasing behaviour; the life of the 21st Century consumer seems to have been set to ‘fast forward’ mode. Now more than ever before time is the scarcest element one can possess. The PDD team was asked to develop a user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing product update for Monsieur Cuisine, a cooking machine retailed by Lidl across Europe. Market research conducted on potential customers provided the team with valuable insights into what the key elements of a cooking machine are, as well as what is required to take this industry to the next level.

With over 1 million items sold across the continent, Monsieur Cuisine is a space-saving cooking machine that has brought an element of fun back to the kitchen and eased the food-preparing process due to its multi-speed kneading and cutting mechanism, integrated scales and automatic programs for steaming and cooking. Its versatile features alongside a compact and innovative design brought Monsieur Cuisine even further recognition by winning the Red Dot Award 2018; one of the most sought-after seals of quality for exceptional design.

Over a period of 15 months, PDD’s Asia team was involved right from the beginning in the process of defining the features, technical feasibility studies, prototyping to implementation and into production.