Belron® Vanbrella | PDD

Maintaining service in all weather

Belron®, the company behind AUTOGLASS® and CARGLASS®, and the world’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company, asked PDD to design a large, vehicle-mounted canopy that could be deployed in seconds to protect its technicians while they replaced windscreens in wet and windy weather.

Taking inspiration from the Chinese fan, we proposed an adventurous collapsing structure that would fold into a slim roofbox. We conducted in-depth research on the feasibility of the structure, fabrics and fixings to ensure that we designed a reliable and long-lasting canopy that could stand up to harsh conditions. In addition, we used our in-house engineering simulation to assess the structural performance and ensure that safety regulations were being met.

We used specialist suppliers for extrusion, fabrication and fabrics then demonstrated the prototype on an Autoglass van to Belron®, whose senior management wanted to know how soon they could have them, as they’d been waiting 24 years for such a solution.

Following extensive safety testing at MIRA and design optimisation, PDD managed the tooling, preproduction and logistics of supply from the Far East to the UK and US. The Belron® Vanbrella® now protects cars and technicians from the wet weather; improving service and increasing productivity.