Danby Medical Ambulatory Drug Delivery Device | PDD

Driving syringes precisely, driving down cost

Ambulatory drug delivery devices infuse drugs into patients without loss of mobility. This is effective therapeutically and places the least restriction on patients but the existing device types are expensive; Volumetric Syringe Drivers and Pumps have high capital cost and Elastomerics disposables have high recurring costs.

Further costs arise when devices leave hospitals and become lost, or when the completion of delivery is unpredictable which extends healthcare visits. These cost factors restrict the application of otherwise beneficial ambulatory delivery devices.

In response to this problem, DANBY Medical and PDD have designed a new lower-cost Syringe Driver that eliminates the need for an expensive power train yet retains electronic control for precise drug delivery. The DANBY device is also economical to operate; using inexpensive syringes and without the need for batteries. It is compact, lightweight and has a long service life and its simplicity makes it easy for healthcare staff and home users to learn and use. Patented solutions ensure the safety of the self-powering technology.

DANBY and PDD continue to develop this technology to market. Visit DANBY Medical at www.danbymedical.com

Click here to download a PDF version of article; ‘Human-centred and human-powered: an infusion device to offer a real alternative’.