Fujitsu Smartphones | PDD

Designing the future of phones

Continuing its long-term relationship with PDD, information and communication technology giant Fujitsu asked for help in defining the visual brand language for the ideal mobile phone.

The Japanese company wanted a phone for today that incorporated features from the future – a mobile with a fresh look and feel, new functionality and an innovative interactive experience that would stand out in a crowded market. To tackle this, PDD used three concurrent streams of research: insight, semiotics and trends. The first uncovered the needs and desires of current phone users. The second yielded an understanding of the global market – including competing companies’ differentiation strategies and their respective visual brand languages. The third identified the opportunities that would arise from the expected evolution of the global market.

PDD developed ‘seed concepts’ based upon the different target markets (ranging from businesswomen to silver surfers) identified in the research. Each of the seeds developed by PDD provided Fujitsu’s designers with a springboard for innovative thinking, while encouraging a focus on the phone’s functional and interactive aspects.