Hitachi - Future of Digital Healthcare | PDD

Designing for health management in 2025

Hitachi Design – an innovation centre serving all of the company’s sector-specific divisions – invited PDD to look at European trends and industry expectations regarding the use of digital health records.

To create a vision of how people will manage their health in 2025, PDD interviewed thought leaders – e.g. academics, clinicians, journalists, government agencies and NGOs – in Denmark and the UK. The research revealed divided opinions on the value of digitisation: many proclaimed the clinical benefits of sharing health data, while others expressed concern about issues such as data privacy.

Using the insights gained from the research, PDD facilitated a creative workshop with the Hitachi project team to generate an evidence-based overview of digital health. To help capture the ideas generated by the workshop and share them with the wider Hitachi Design team, PDD worked closely with Hitachi to create an inspirational short-film. The narrative of the film was centred on a fictitious family and their interactions with healthcare practitioners and providers in the year 2025.

The film has already helped to generate a number of new research and development initiatives within the client organisation.

"We chose PDD for their expertise in human-centred innovation, and worked with them to read the future of healthcare systems whose formations greatly vary with cultures, institutions, and regions. PDD’s diverse design skills and close collaboration inspired us and led us to produce a fruitful outcome."

Takuya Akashi, Information Solution and Incubation Design Department, Hitachi Ltd