Hilti UD 4 Corded Drill Driver for the Emerging Markets | PDD

Design Thinking, a Human-Centered Design approach to innovation helps Hilti break into the META Emerging Markets

Hilti claims the number 1 spot in the European market for professional and semi-professional tools.  For over 75 years it has set the standard for heavy duty tools to be found on almost every construction site.  Hilti approached PDD for fresh Design Thinking to develop a new industrial tool to help it break into the Emerging Markets of the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META).

Using Human-Centered Design thinking, PDD Asia developed a new drill with many novel features that takes account of specific user needs in the Emerging Markets, such as: size, functionality and price, filling a gap in the vast product range offered by Hilti.

The UD 4 is designed to be versatile to perform any job on construction sites and in the workshop. PDD worked fast  to meet market opportunities.  Our previous experience in the DIY market and proximity to the manufacturers helped to complete the creative phases, ergonomic studies and CAD development in tight timescales.


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