Instron ElectroPuls™ | PDD

Design differentiates product testing equipment

As a leading manufacturer of material and product testing equipment, Instron supplies its ElectroPuls systems to research facilities and laboratories around the world. With no consistent brand identity in place, the company asked PDD to create a visual brand language for the latest ElectroPuls range.

PDD first explored the features and functionality of the new products and investigated the relevant segments of the target market. In parallel, the team assessed comparative products from the medical, technical and commercial sectors. This allowed PDD to pick up some visual clues from the styling of analogous equipment, and to apply similar thinking to the design of Instron’s new offering. The research also informed the initial sketches and 2D and 3D CAD phases, shortening the duration of these early stages. This allowed for a quicker-than-usual progression to the development of a full-scale model for testing.

PDD’s new design communicates the high-tech features and enhanced capabilities of the ElectroPuls machines, and differentiates the range from the competition. By bringing a fresh perspective to Instron’s product development process, PDD has also embedded the concept of good design throughout the company.

Originally driven by its pure engineering heritage, Instron now encourages quality design to underpin its precision manufacturing. This reaps multiple benefits, including brand recognition and product differentiation, as well as cost-savings in assembly and after-sales servicing.