Kenwood Table Grill | PDD

Design experience solves new appliance’s hot issues

When PDD’s Hong Kong studio helped to create a new table grill for Kenwood, an established specialist in kitchen appliances, the team had to overcome a number of issues.

Firstly, PDD needed to set a fresh design benchmark while sustaining the brand’s reputation for quality and reliability. Secondly, the design language had to be capable of resonating in Europe, North America and the rest of the world. In addition, PDD had to address the technical, safety and ergonomic challenges associated with such an appliance.

Using the team’s experience of designing and developing kitchen appliances, PDD was able to tackle these issues systematically and cost-effectively. The team ensured user safety by creating an obvious distinction between the unit’s hot and cold areas, and by keeping the temperature of the grill’s handle and buttons below 60⁰ C. In addition, the design allows users to easily remove and replace the heating plates for cleaning and maintenance.

Cost constraints and the nature of the product dictated the use of heat-resistant phenolic resin and stamped stainless steel for the body, and die-cast aluminium for the grill surface. However, PDD faced limitations in the capabilities of the pre-selected Far East manufacturers and so designed a high value product that could be easily assembled.

To ensure that any manufacturing issues were handled promptly and efficiently, PDD’s western designers in Hong Kong spent time on-site at the factories and assembly lines. This helped to ensure that PDD delivered the right product, on time and to budget.