Multitone EkoTek System | PDD

Safety wearables for the healthcare sector

Multitone wanted to extend the success of its EkoTek system, which provides onsite wireless protection for staff working in challenging environments, into the healthcare sector. It asked PDD to develop a system that was easy to use and reliable, with a visual brand language that would be appealing and appropriate for healthcare settings, as well as other industrial-commercial applications.

We visited several sites, including a hospital, a lifeboat station and a power station, to understand the needs of the people who would be interacting with the system and how different applications of the system would vary within different environments. During product development, we used block models to test the size and shape as well as proof-of-principle models to test the button ergonomics with “blind” and gloved users. Using our deep understanding of rugged and tough design allowed us make the product submersible and impact proof.

The new Multitone products have been well received in the market. They are reliable, impact proof, and feature anti-bacterial properties, but can be washed under the tap and cleaned with disinfectants.