Nikon: Painting the future of image communications | PDD

Nikon Design invited PDD to explore consumer behaviours and look holistically at future services, products and technological trends in image communications, in order to create new opportunities for the Nikon brand. The project also acted as an inspiration and learning platform for a Nikon designer to spend 3 months in our London studio, working alongside our interdisciplinary design team.

To uncover the opportunities in future image experience, PDD looked at market data and carried out qualitative research, technology scouting and consumer insights analysis in “culture hunts” in Denmark, Finland and the UK.

Building on those research insights, the PDD team framed potential ‘seed’ areas to facilitate creative workshops with Nikon designers and generate an experience-based overview of the opportunities within the imagery business. PDD also developed an innovation framework to capture the idea and worked closely with Nikon to create an inspirational short film to introduce the new design service model to the wider Nikon Design team. Since its launch, the film has already helped to generate a series of new research and development initiatives at Nikon, supporting this iconic brand on its next stage of growth, as it continues to lead the way in image communications worldwide.