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Following a study on the issues and limitations surrounding the use of traditional stethoscopes, Radius- a wireless system was conceived. Comprising a portable unit that transmits sound output to earpieces or a hub, this solution offers many benefits:

the flexibility of use manages the personal space between doctor and patient by removing the joining tubes of traditional stethoscopes the transmitter can be left on the patient for constant monitoring during a procedure data can be recorded within the unit for transfer to a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) many people can listen to the same sound signature for medical training purposes sound data can be represented visually to reduce the anxiety felt by younger patients

The transmitter and receiver were designed to be portable by doctors between listening instances since our research indicated they wanted to wear this product not only for convenience but as a badge of status within the clinical environment.

With Radius conceived in over 10 years ago, PDD Futures has proven to be forward-thinking in its approach given current developments in telemedicine.