Reebok DECK Exercise Platform | PDD

10 years on and still a fit performer

When start-up company Progressive Sports Technologies Limited (PSTL) invented a new exercise regime, the next task was to create the equipment needed to take the idea to market. At the time, PSTL was unable to fund the substantial design and development work needed, so it approached PDD for help.

As well as accommodating a wide range of aerobic and anaerobic routines, the exercise equipment had to be structurally sound and inexpensive to manufacture. Having reviewed the product and the ergonomic requirements, PDD decided to invest its design time, programme management and licensing skills in return for equity in the company.

The team designed and manufactured a demonstration model that was visually and functionally representative of the production item, but not yet fully engineered. PDD then produced a promotional video showing the different workout routines that the new product made possible.

With this video and a comprehensive business case to hand, PDD and PSTL met the leading fitness equipment manufacturers to present the product. Having seen the potential, Reebok signed a licensing agreement and organised manufacture in Taiwan – with PDD overseeing visual, engineering and structural design.

Thanks to PSTL’s innovative thinking, PDD’s knowledge and investment, and the foresight of Reebok, the sports company launched the DECK to fitness centers throughout the UK. Reebok followed this approach to the professional market with an equally successful consumer roll-out.

"Developing the concept with PDD’s help was the catalyst for the formation of Progressive Sports. The Reebok DECK was our first licensing deal, and it’s great to see it now being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people internationally"

Professor Mike Caine, Director PSTL