Severin Breakfast Set | PDD

Award winning kitchen appliance range

For over a decade PDD has helped Severin develop kitchen appliances, including coffee machines, water kettles and toasters. As a well-known ‘value-for-money’ brand, Severin was facing increasing competition for the entry-level and mid-level consumers as more no-name competitors flooded the market, and decided to challenge well-known brands with a high end stainless steel line of products.

High end retail does not mean that product budgets have no limits. We developed the visual brand language (VBL) in close cooperation with Severin’s product management, basing decisions on detailed market research as well as precise cost-analysis for each product. We also applied our expertise in manufacturing technologies, material science and safety requirements, while our close proximity to Severin’s OEM partner in China enabled us to ensure that the design requirements were not lost in translation.

Our close collaboration with Severin and its partners resulted in a timely and successful launch of the line in 2015.