Statoil Glug-free Oil Containers | PDD

Innovative glug-free oil packaging drives sales

Scandinavia’s largest oil retailer turned to PDD when it wanted a pack redesign for its range of motor oils. The challenge was to find how a new container could contribute to Statoil’s ambitious forecourt plans through increased shelf appeal, as well as easier carrying and pouring.

During our research, we found that the current packaging was heavy, hard to manoeuvre, blocked visibility of the stream of oil into the engine, and introduced air into the stream that resulted in unexpected “glugs” of oil that poured over the engine rather than into it. We created the new pack with a shoulder and spout design that allows air to flow back through the handle for smooth and predictable pouring. We also designed a new front-facing, easy-grip handle that makes it easier to pick up and carry the container as well clearer on-pack graphics that communicate different oil types and grades to an international market.

Statoil successfully launched the new range of glug-free oil packs across 2,000 forecourts in 9 countries.

"The new packs have resulted in a 10M Krona investment and a doubling of container capacity."