Vocollect Healthcare Systems AccuNurse | PDD

Managing the delivery of care

Vocollect’s “Talkman” technology allows work to be directed by body-worn, voice-enabled wireless computing. PDD helped design “Talkman” and was asked by Vocollect Healthcare Systems to help migrate this revolutionary technology into nursing homes where it could manage care plans, provide traceability and free nurses’ hands and eyes to give the best care.

This new application posed a challenge; unlike existing industrial use, a nursing home is a social context with the care recipient present, often in conversation with the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). PDD conducted studies into the care activity and social interactions in the nursing home and through interviews, role-play and analysis, we determined the factors for successful technology transfer.

PDD created a new brand language and form-factor and made the CNA interactions discrete so they would not be misunderstood by patients. The device and base-station concepts were market tested before the product engineering was completed- which leant-on PDD’s rugged, hygienic and medical device know-how. “AccuNurse” launched into several nursing home chains where it ensures the highest levels of care, and reimbursement from demonstrable outcomes, including Activities of Daily Living (ADL) scores.

"AccuNurse caught on like a video game. At first, nobody wants to play, but give it a few minutes and you’re hooked. Now, no one would ever give it up."

Vocollect Healthcare Systems Customer