Vocollect Voice-Directed Work | PDD

Award-winning wearable tech

The voice recognition (VR) technologies of Vocollect – part of Intermec Inc. – are helping warehouses and distribution centres to move away from written instructions for their pickers. Vocollect’s systems improve accuracy, productivity and employee retention levels and, to penetrate broader markets, the company asked PDD to design several of its portable VR devices.

PDD visited a number of workplaces to discover how existing solutions might be improved. The team identified a need for reduced size, greater versatility, wireless operation, longer battery life and ruggedness. The resulting product – the Talkman T5 – is 33% smaller and 45% lighter than its predecessor, as well as being waterproof, dust-tight, and resistant to vibration and shock. In addition, the new model works just as well at -30º as it does inside a greenhouse, and can accommodate battery or computer charging in banks or individually.

Winner of the prestigious International Forum Design Award and RedDot Design Award, the T5 forms the basis for the third-generation Talkman. By working alongside Vocollect and keeping users in mind, PDD created an innovative design that was practical, effective, and ergonomically pleasing. The design team also worked on the company’s rugged headsets and other market-specific terminals.

"We wanted a design partner that could truly push the envelope. PDD spent a great amount of time working to understand our application environment and what design aspects would be needed to make this a 'wow' for our customers and prospects."