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PDD is a global innovation consultancy. We create products and experiences that enhance businesses and improve people’s lives.

With a unique interdisciplinary approach rooted in Human Centred Design, we partner with the world’s most influential organisations and visionary startups to identify new market opportunities and deliver innovations that are appealing, responsible and profitable.

PDD is certified to ISO13485:2016 and client-audited to 21CFR820.

Our Team

We are an experienced and diverse team of specialists from human sciences, design, business strategy and engineering, working in close collaboration throughout the entire process, to uncover opportunities and deliver meaningful innovation.

Matt Senior Consultant - Engineering Design
Anke Consultant – Design Research
Carmen Marrero. Marketing Director at PDD
Carmen Marketing Director
Hongru Senior Consultant – Engineering Design
Jasper Consultant - Industrial Design
Euan Consultant - Human Factors & Research
Miles Senior Consultant - Engineering Design
Max Intern - Product Design Engineer
Gavin Principal – Human Factors & Usability
Joanna Business Development Manager
Cameron Principal - Engineering Design
Liam Consultant – Models & Prototypes
Julie Senior Consultant ‐ Human Factors & Usability
Wei Consultant ‐ Engineering Design
Poppy Zhang BW headshot
Poppy Consultant - Human Factors & Usability
Doris Intern - Industrial Design
Theo Pepper
Theo Consultant - Engineering Design
Rajabbek Muminov
Rajabbek Consultant - Human Factors & Usability
Yana Group Finance Executive
Karsten CEO
Victoria Front of House Executive
Hollie Principal – Human Factors & Research
Doug Principal - Product Design Engineer
Sarita Insights Editor
Jamie Creative Director
Norihiko Senior Consultant - Industrial Design
Graham Technical Director
Vicky Principal - Research
Charles Director - Design Innovation Asia
Monique Consultant – Industrial Design
Luke Senior Consultant - Industrial Design
Daisy Consultant – Research & Market Intelligence
Laura Group Management Accountant and Talent Management
Michael IT Manager
Helen Business Development Manager
Lynne Reception Manager
Jon Director - Product Design Engineering
Chantelle Group Financial Controller
Vassilios Business Development Director
Adam Senior Consultant - Models & Prototypes


PDD has been at the forefront of product and experience innovation for over 40 years, turning new technologies into solutions that work for people and drive business success.

Shaping innovation best-practice

Our multidisciplinary teams have pioneered and continue to drive best practices across the entire development process, from industrial design and prototyping, to research, usability and experience innovation. We are regularly invited to contribute our thinking and make recommendations to industry guidelines designed to drive more efficient, effective innovations.

Changing lives with world-first solutions

Since we designed the first consumer marine VHF radio to improve communications and safety at sea back in the 1980s, we have a track record of turning new technologies into iconic products and services that transform people’s lives.

The first voice-operated computer for work (a predecessor of today’s mobile phones) or the first autoinjector designed specifically for children are just a few examples.

Fostering entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an essential part of the culture at PDD. We thrive on finding new opportunities and always encourage our team to develop novel ideas and generate IP.

Over the last four decades, many of our PDD ventures have grown into successful businesses. We continue to foster invention and are particularly proud of our alumni, who have founded dozens of innovative companies around the world.


Our work is recognised as best-in-class by industry leaders around the world. Over the last 25 years, we have won over 100 international awards in design, engineering, and consumer, healthcare and business innovation.


In today’s world, people have increasingly high expectations of what a product and service should do for them, but also for our planet.

As innovators, we follow a holistic approach to help identify effective, sustainable design strategies across products and services. From products that are made from less impactful or recycled materials to services that can enable people to make more sustainable choices, we consider and balance the needs of businesses and users with those of the planet and environment to create a real difference for the world.

PDD’s core principles of sustainable design translate to exploration, assessment and design with the aim to:

Reduce or eliminate the use of single-use and non-recyclable materials

Reduce material content and improve levels of reuse, recycling or composting

Optimise efficiency so products require less energy to operate

Improve product reliability, longevity and serviceability.

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