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The OLAV Chefmesser wins a Red Dot Award

We are delighted to announce that Olav’s Chefmesser has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award as an outstanding example of Product Design. Das Chefmesser, an innovative Chef Knife, is the latest in a series of collaborations between PDD and Olav – a visionary German startup that is transforming the market for cookware in Europe and beyond.

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Understanding The Healthcare Consumer

Over the past year, health has become the focal point of our lives in a way that few of us could have predicted, nor ignored. Just like consumer culture transformed our societies two centuries ago, health and health-related issues now shape our identity, our lifestyle, our perspectives and importantly  our aspirations for the future.

In this article, Emma Dickinson – Consultant, Research Recruitment at PDD, explores people’s evolving attitudes in healthcare and how healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers can make the most of that opportunity to deliver a compelling, engaging experience for all. 

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The Beauty of Responsibility

Design can be a powerful driver for change – it can inspire new behaviours and drive us to think and act more responsibly. But to innovate ourselves to a better future, a puritanical focus on reducing impact will not do.

In this article, Marko Plevnik, Principal – Industrial Design at PDD, reflects on the importance of character in good design and the need to create meaningful experiences that are emotionally rewarding and encourage people to do the right thing. 

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Zephyr Plus Ventilator recognised with the C2I Award for Covid-19 response.

We are delighted to see the Zephyr Plus Ventilator recognised with the C2I award for COVID-19 Response by The Engineer magazine.
Led by Babcock International Group in response to the UK Government’s ventilator challenge in the early days of the pandemic, this was a highly collaborative project where PDD and over 50 partners and suppliers worked together to find the most appropriate solution.

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Oliver Breit to lead Industrial – Commercial sector at PDD

We are delighted to announce that our colleague Oliver Breit, is taking the helm as Sector Leader Industrial – Commercial at PDD. Based in Hong Kong, Oliver has over 20 years experience leading design, innovation and product development programmes with global clients.

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Healthcare Innovation – Managing Risk in a Remote World

As medical innovators we all want to support the design of safe and usable medical devices. Yet, in a healthcare environment that is going through fast, unprecedented change, where standard tools and processes are harder to apply, that aim is not without challenge.

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Philips Water Dispenser ADD6910/90 wins at DFA Design For Asia Awards

We are proud to announce that the Philips Water Dispenser ADD6910/90 has won a Merit at DFA Design for Asia Awards. The awards recognise designs that embody Asian aesthetics and culture, and influence design trends in the region.

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The growing role of wearables in healthcare

In recent years, wearables have started to play a pivotal role in the lives of patients. From the management of chronic conditions to making sure that we drink enough water, wearable and mobile devices are revolutionising the way that healthcare occurs.

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Can product design improve public health?

These are times of upheaval. From the collapse of supply chains to the new rules and regulations that shape our everyday lives, Covid-19 has forced us all to rethink our habits and embrace new behaviours.

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Adapting equipment to the healthcare workforce

Socio-technical systems design was originally conceived by Fred Emery and Eric Trist. It is an approach to understanding the system around technology which forms part of our focus on front end research – i.e. the process where we create solutions that will naturally resonate with people.

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Severin SPUMA 700 Plus wins Red Dot for outstanding design quality

The Red Dot jury has made its decision: Severin SPUMA 700 Plus emerged victorious from the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 and won a Red Dot for its good design quality.

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Human Factors and Anaesthetic Practice: Why the Equipment Makes a Difference

Ergonomics and Human Factors practice are inherently broad and multi-disciplinary, but one thing that unites us all is a focus on design.

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Kids Personal Care & Beauty Market

Young people wearing make-up has long been a subject of debate, from one perspective seen as a harmless form of play (role play) and self-expression; and from another, the pressure to grow-up all too quickly with an emphasis on achieving a ‘perfect and flawless’ look.

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New Play Paradigms & Technology Paradox

In this final instalment of our kids’ series, we are going to be delving into the wonderful world of play to uncover new approaches within this space and the role of our old ‘friend and foe’, technology…

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PDD features in the New Design Magazine Yearbook 2020

Dr Chris Vincent, Principal – Human Factors & Ergonomics at PDD, discusses the importance of designing user-friendly medical devices, and the need for customised solutions within the healthcare environment.

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Severin SPUMA 700 Plus wins the Plus X Award 2020

We are proud to announce that our work for Severin SPUMA 700 Plus has been awarded the Plus X Award 2020, the world’s greatest innovation award for technology, sports, and lifestyle.

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Drug delivery and the Internet of Medical Things

Important advancements within medical technology are opening up new possibilities for the healthcare industry to redefine itself through the use of devices able to provide, collect, analyse, and convey data.

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Evolving spaces – the connected bathroom

At PDD we’ve taken a look at a range of smart and connected products for the bathroom that aim to harness technology for wellness in an unobtrusive way.

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Shades of wellness

Brands are set to elevate their offerings to match the new consumption habits and, as we have seen earlier this year at design events across the world, the concept of sustainability is set to surround our lives both physically and emotionally.

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Planet and Me – personal, social and environmental

Kids today… born into the digital world, these digital natives are switched on, savvy and influential.

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