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Routine to Ritual: Elevating
Everyday Experiences

In our search for convenience and efficiency, many of our everyday chores have become monotonous routines. But what if those repetitive actions could instead become a way to bring joy into our lives?

In this article, Sarita Wilkinson, Insights Editor at PDD, explores the power of rituals and how consumer brands can elevate our everyday experiences, as we interact with the functional objects in our lives.

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Infant Nutrition…
Best for baby, best for planet

In recent months, we are seeing a rise in baby foods with some serious eco credentials, expanding the market of plant-based and free-from alternatives within this sector.
In this article, Sarita Wilkinson, Insights Editor at PDD, explores what is driving this new emerging trend, and how brands are responding to the increasing demands of parents for baby foods that not only meet the nutritional needs of their young children, but also align with their values on climate change and help them to meet their own sustainability objectives.

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The Future of Smart Homes

People’s relationship with their homes is shifting, from the artefacts that populate our space, to the way in which we consume resources.

In this article, Jamie Buckley, Creative Director at PDD, explores how data and behaviour change is shaping the future of our living spaces; and how we can design better home products and experiences to meet consumers’ changing expectations and build trust.

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Med-Tech News: Putting Medics at the Heart of Innovation

We are delighted to see our colleague Dr Jim Roberts, consultant anaesthetist and medical innovator at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and independent advisor in healthcare innovation at PDD, published in Med-Tech Innovation.

In this article, he explores the existing barriers to collaboration and proposes a new path for medics, healthcare systems and industry to work together and develop better solutions.

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The Engineer: Power Surge
UK’s EV charging gathers pace

It’s great to see our work with Trojan Energy featured in The Engineer magazine. The innovative, first-of-a-kind, on-street EV chargers help support electric vehicle usage and promote a greener future for cities.

The design is optimised to withstand the challenges of urban life – from vandalism to crowded pavements – and does so in an understated way, maintaining the character of the streets and neighbourhoods.

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How the Future of E-commerce is Driving New Packaging Experiences

Evolving shopping habits of consumers has led to the steady rise in e-commerce. Over the last two years, however, as consumers who previous had little or no engagement with online shopping were forced into new behaviours, the adoption of e-commerce accelerated beyond all expectations, with many of those who have embraced online shopping not wishing to turn back.

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Mitigating Usability Risks:
The upcoming NMPA guidelines
in China

Mitigating Usability Risks in Medical Device Development, in the light of the upcoming National Medical Product Administration (NMPA) guidelines in China.

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The Risks of Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is now embedded in so many quality standards that its inclusion is almost mandated in project plans. But, is risk analysis everything it is deemed to be?
At PDD, we have used Failure Mode Analysis methods and tools for over 25 years – it’s perhaps a good time to challenge some of the underlying beliefs behind these systems.

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Emotional AI : Driving deeper connections for patients
in digital healthcare

At PDD we like to keep one eye on the horizon, scanning themes and emerging trends across the healthcare sector to understand what’s next. As the rise of digital health and therapeutics continues, we take a look at what this means for the patient experience and what opportunities lie in the area of self-care and self-management.

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Telehealth and Patient Autonomy

How can telehealth enable patient autonomy?

A snapshot view of future opportunities

Over the past two years, telehealth has seen exponential growth, accelerated by the pandemic and a need to keep people safe and healthy in their homes. Whilst the use of digital information and communication technology to access healthcare services remotely was something we were already seeing, the pandemic turned this into a necessity, not a luxury; and did so practically overnight.

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Wellness and Sustainability – Clerkenwell Design Week 2022

How wonderful to have our design shows back in London this spring! Despite the changeable weather this week, we’ve been out and about to see what’s new and inspiring at Clerkenwell Design Week.

So, let’s take a look at a few things that caught our eye…

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Hybrid Homes: The Future of Post-Pandemic living spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic made us dramatically reassess our relationships with our homes. As we embrace a new normality, what are the implications for the design of our living spaces? 

In this article, Tim Wooller, Principal – Industrial Design at PDD explores the rush to multi-modal living and the opportunities ahead, as we continue to push the boundaries of how we live. 

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The Rollei Fotoliner Oceanpro
wins a Red Dot award 2022

We are delighted to announce that the Rollei Fotoliner Oceanpro backpack designed in collaboration with PDD has won a Red Dot award 2022 in the category of product design.

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PDD and Tri-Star Design Announce Healthcare Market Partnership

PDD and Tri-Star Design announced today a new partnership that will accelerate innovation, design and development for a rapidly expanding digital healthcare market.

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The TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard wins a Red Dot Award 2022

We are very proud to share that the TrickleStar Advanced Keyboard designed in collaboration with PDD, has won the prestigious Red Dot award 2022 in the category of Product Design.

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Charles Ingrey-Senn
becomes a partner
at PDD

We are delighted to announce that our colleague Charles Ingrey-Senn has become a partner at PDD.

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The Future of Home Appliances –
the Opportunity in China

Over the past few decades, China has changed dramatically. Alongside mass urbanisation, phenomenal economic growth and radical technological advances, some of the most significant changes have happened in people’s homes.

In China, family and shared food experiences are an essential part of the culture, and higher household incomes and increased purchasing power continue to drive up demand for new kitchen and home products.
To capitalise on that opportunity, home appliance companies need to think beyond their existing product portfolios, embrace the uniqueness of China’s food culture and its distinctive national character.

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PDD features in New Design Magazine Yearbook 2022

We are proud to be featured in New Design Magazine Yearbook 2022.
From flexible working practices to the importance of Sustainability, this article dives into how we can better respond to the demands of this new society we’re living in, as we continue to deliver meaningful innovation in a post-pandemic world.

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Refills and Dispensing –
Designing a more Sustainable Future.

Today, consumer enthusiasm for packaging-free and refillable options continues to grow. Yet, despite the reassuring signs that the current pandemic has not hindered consumers’ appetite for sustainable practices, the wide adoption of refills and dispensing models continues to present significant challenges.

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PDD features in Medical + Healthcare Innovation special edition

We are delighted to be featured in Medical + Healthcare Innovation, a special edition by New Design and Engineering magazines, supported by the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI).

In this article, Chris Vincent, Sector Lead – Healthcare; Jamie Buckley, Creative Director and Vassilios Kanellopoulos, Global Business Development Director at PDD, talk about our ground-breaking collaborations with hospitals, the importance of observational research and why, now more than ever, we must put medics at the heart of innovation.

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