Chris, Author at PDD


Healthcare Innovation – Managing Risk in a Remote World

As medical innovators we all want to support the design of safe and usable medical devices. Yet, in a healthcare environment that is going through fast, unprecedented change, where standard tools and processes are harder to apply, that aim is not without challenge.

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Learning from real world use – complementing medical device experience databases through analysis of social media

An extract taken from Chris Vincent’s knowledge piece that discusses the growing use of digital platforms such as social media to understand how people really use medical products.

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Tips on how to approach medical device usability in China

What happens when usability research is conducted abroad? A team from PDD have been working closely with international manufacturing organisations to develop medical devices for the Chinese inpatient market. This means that usability research has been conducted in Chinese and reported in English. This blog explores the benefit that usability research provides when implemented across international teams and how to overcome issues that may be encountered along the way. It amalgamates our insights taken from a number of usability projects conducted in China.

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