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We create product and packaging designs that are efficient to manufacture and relevant to your market, while standing out from your competitors.

Our interdisciplinary approach brings ideas to life. We produce beautiful and effective industrial designs and packaging through our expertise in:

Concept Generation & Development – we create seed ideas which we develop into promising concepts, and eventually into more viable, defined solutions.

Design Detailing – we consider and define every element of your product or pack, from functionality and visual sensitivity to tactile response and audio feedback.

Design Communication – we provide you with powerful visualised narratives and scenarios, using hand-drawn sketches, 2D and 3D computer rendering, animation and video.

Colour, Material and Finish – we explore the options, making recommendations and specifications with the help of our in-house CMF library, plus visuals and prototypes.

Visual Brand Language – we translate your brand values into tangible attributes that we can then apply meaningfully to your products and packaging.

Industrial and packaging design capability

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