Production & Outsourcing | PDD

Operating from London, Shanghai and Hopkinton MA, PDD’s skilled production engineers and managers oversee tooling sourcing and manufacturing for numerous clients. Our global presence has forged a robust network of trusted suppliers across the UK, Europe, US, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Our services adapt to client needs. We collaborate with established suppliers or introduce and manage new ones for our clients. Our subsidiary, ‘Forge Production,’ in Hong Kong, offers separate manufacturing contract tenders.

Our quality-assured process begins early in product development and involves:

– Supplier assessment, cost viability, and DfM appraisal.

Collaboration in process risk analyses.

– Sample inspection, testing, and supplier qualification reviews.

We excel in logistics and ongoing quality assurance, leveraging our vast manufacturing experience to resolve production issues and enhance existing products’ quality and cost-efficiency.

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