Fusing nature with technology: Living coral as the colour of 2019 | PDD

Fusing nature with technology: Living coral as the colour of 2019

By Ioana

on December 6 2018

Each year Pantone sends its experts to conduct research around the world and observe collective trends across cultures. From art collections, fashion and beauty shows to trending travel destinations, entertainment and design events, the colour authority seeks to cover each year in hues that reflect the impact of Global events on society.

             Image credit: The New York Times and Wendy MacNaughton

As the Vice President of Pantone, Laurie Pressman, puts it, looking for the hue of the year is ‘a colour snapshot symbolic of what’s taking place at a moment in time’, rather than a forecasting process. Before making its grand entrance as the colour of 2019, this shade of orange with a golden undertone  was featured in several fashion shows, home interiors and tech devices, such as Apple’s most recent iPhone XR.

             Image credit: Apple

The inclusion of the word ‘living’ draws attention towards significant climate change that puts marine life in danger, especially corals which might soon be extinct due to the increasingly warm oceans. Interestingly enough, Pantone believes people will have more of a positive attitude towards their lives and not because the world has found a solution to Global warming or poverty, but because they yearn to explore exotic places and establish meaningful social connections that give them a sense of warmth.

This also comes at a time when the development of the internet and popularity of social media has absorbed people into a daily technological routine and made them lose physical contact with family and friends. ‘Living coral’ is set to highlight this trending social issue in contrast to humans’ innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits and stands as a reaction towards a constantly changing and uncertain socio-political environment.

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