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February 26 2020
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Severin SPUMA 700 Plus wins the Plus X Award 2020

We are proud to announce that our work for Severin SPUMA 700 Plus has been awarded the Plus X Award 2020, the world’s greatest innovation award for technology, sports, and lifestyle. An expert jury decided to award five out of seven of the quality seals available for innovation: Innovation, Design, High Quality, Ease of Use, and Functionality. These are an unmistakable sign of brand quality and set the standard for the best products.

Equipped with 13 different programmes, Severin’s Spuma 700 Plus always provides a solution and considers the latest dietary and health aspects. Whether soy, cashew or lactose-free milk, the appliance delivers optimal froth. Additional programmes for hot chocolate, protein shakes, mulled wine or even baby food made from powdered milk transform it into a versatile tool.

The newly-developed programmes are selected via the innovative Easy-Select dial with high contrast OLED display. A smooth 360° LED light ring provides clear feedback for hot or cold operations depending on the programme chosen. SPUMA 700 stands as an example for Severin’s new Visual Brand Language and will be followed by future kitchen appliances scheduled for 2020 and beyond.

Get in touch with us to know more about Severin Spuma 700 Plus appliance.

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