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Going West – The Challenges Facing Corporate China

China has experienced tremendous economic growth over the years. A certain amount of Chinese commercial organisations are exploring Western markets, but what are the challenges they face in trying to go West? Invited by The Huffington Post, Karsten Fischer, CEO at PDD, investigates and analyses different routes of how they can successfully break into these markets. Click here to view Karsten’s blog posts on The Huffington Post.

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Is Art the new Business?

At PDD we were all wowed by the artistry of the Olympics opening ceremony, and marvel at the Manet exhibition currently running at the Royal Academy of Arts – as well as admiring good product design. Hands up those of us who have chosen to buy something, not through necessity or on the basis of cold logic, but because the item exuded style and connected with us emotionally (perhaps in product terms the likes of Apple and Bang & Olufsen exploit this to best advantage)!

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