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Mitigating Usability Risks:
The upcoming NMPA guidelines
in China

Mitigating Usability Risks in Medical Device Development, in the light of the upcoming National Medical Product Administration (NMPA) guidelines in China.

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Meet the PDD team at CMEF and CMP conferences in China 

We are pleased to let you know that this autumn we will be present at some of the most prestigious medical events in China.

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‘Innovating for China’. Are western brands lagging behind?

Over the past few decades, Chinese consumers’ perception of international brands and products was that they were ‘the best quality and most reliable’. But, with home-grown brands providing more choice and improved reliability, western brands are losing market share as it’s become harder to win trust and revenue, even for well-established brands like Siemens.

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Going West – The Challenges Facing Corporate China

China has experienced tremendous economic growth over the years. A certain amount of Chinese commercial organisations are exploring Western markets, but what are the challenges they face in trying to go West? Invited by The Huffington Post, Karsten Fischer, CEO at PDD, investigates and analyses different routes of how they can successfully break into these markets. Click here to view Karsten’s blog posts on The Huffington Post.

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Design for China: Western Brands

‘What is Design for China?’ is a series of three blogs where we will be taking a look at design targeted at the mainland Chinese market. In our first instalment in the series we focus on how some Western brands are creating designs specifically for this increasingly discerning market.

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