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The growing role of wearables in healthcare

In recent years, wearables have started to play a pivotal role in the lives of patients. From the management of chronic conditions to making sure that we drink enough water, wearable and mobile devices are revolutionising the way that healthcare occurs.

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Technology comes in where doctors cannot

Mobile phone software applications are a ubiquitous part of society. In 2018, there were estimated to be 205.4 billion smartphone health app downloads (worldwide). In 2021 this figure is expected to rise to over 352.9 billion.

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Dialogue on beta testing at the Human Factors for Medical Devices workshop

Dr Chris Vincent, Human Factors & Ergonomics Principal at PDD, joined the conversation on beta testing at the Human Factors for Medical Devices workshop which took place at the Museum of London earlier this June.

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Digital Health & Medication Adherence

A look at how medical device and pharma companies can cut through complex issues and big data to develop well-targeted medical adherence solutions.

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Digital Health and Wearable Technology 2018 at Excel

PDD’s Graham Lacy attended the Digital Health and Wearable Technology Shows at Excel. This twinned exhibition showcases recent innovations in connected devices for the healthcare and wellness industry as well as wearable technologies from other categories.

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