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Colours of (East) London

Graffiti and street art of a city reflects people, place, culture, society, politics and much much more. Our PDD pop-up at LDF this year was in East London, nestled in the heart of creative and sometimes controversial artistic expression. As part of our exhibition we explored graffiti around the world, understanding how the social and cultural context of each place is reflected in, and sometimes influences, the surround street art.

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“West meets East”

This September we returned to the London Design Festival (LDF), making the journey across town from West London to set up home in a large gallery space on Redchurch Street. This enabled us to run our Human-Centred Design (HCD) taster workshops and showcase two other installations: cultural insights on graffiti from five global cities on large format posters and an interactive trend map, exploring different approaches to beauty around the world.

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PDD in context: London Design Festival 2013 highlights

“Drink some coffee and hammer up some drywall!” That’s what we did on the day before we opened up our pop-up space (three times bigger than last year!) to welcome visitors at the London Design Festival 2013.

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Keeping it local: PDD at the London Design Festival 2013

The Creative Matrix is filled with brightly-coloured sticky notes as the PDD LDF team furiously sketched ideas for what we could do with the impressive 1,200 square feet of gallery space on Redchurch street. At last year’s LDF, over three days, we ran 2-hour Human-Centred Design (HCD) taster sessions in a small gallery space on Redchurch Street. This year, we secured a gallery three times the size for seven days-and we wanted to make the most of it.

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