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VOKE – Nicotine inhaler licensed by the MHRA

As a designer I have always found the most rewarding products to develop are those that improve the quality of people’s lives: whether it’s medical equipment for new therapies, easier to use pharma devices, protective equipment for industry and defence or safety products for the rugged outdoors. Improving lives for me means delivering better and safer experiences and wellbeing, preferably also in a more efficient or sustainable way. There is a clear value attached to improving the quality of lives of users, so at the same time the endeavor is more likely to be a worthwhile to the producer also. At PDD we call this objective where parties win-win ‘Meaningful Innovation’.

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Can you teach an old brain new tricks?

Heart failure, Stroke, Cancer, Dementia, Malaria, Bird Flu or even Ebola – take your pick from the latest challenges in world health. Each account of these relative pandemics sweeping societies across the globe allude to being your next arch enemy, ‘the one you need to watch out for’. At the time of writing this blog, five of the major newspapers featured health related headlines including ‘Dementia patients cut loose’, ‘500,000 denied cancer drug’, ‘Statins health risk’, and ‘Superbugs will send us to the dark ages’ – it is clear that health is high on the public radar.

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Protecting for the future

The demand for products, services and systems for helping parents to protect their children at various stages of their lives is growing, and nowhere was that more evident than at the Baby Show 2014 at the ExCel, London in February. Amongst monitoring equipment, sterilisers and other products surrounding ‘baby wellbeing’, the presence of an altogether different form of protection for your child, in fact your future grownup child, featured at the show.

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