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Links form the Studio 20.09.13

If you haven’t done so already come and visit us at our pop-up space for LDF13 at The Gallery, 50 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP. The sun will be shining and just in case it does rain the exhibition is indoors… so no excuses :). Have a great evening reading some of the links that have been flying around the studio this week and I hope to see you this weekend.

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Jobs & Barcelona FC: The best and the rest.

Like most people in this world, we mourned when we heard Steve Jobs had died. He was, after all, the auto-reply answer for designers when asked “what are designers good for?” I bet some people even answered “Jobs” when asked whatlife was good for.

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Models rule: from implicit to explicit (models) and back to implicit (design)

Our first day of The Ethnographic Praxis In Industry Conferenece (EPIC) kicked off after an afternoon of “reflectivities”. These were activities intended to promote the Ethnographic outlook of the natural surrounding environment of Colorado, USA, where the conference was held.

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Mary Katrantzou in collaboration with Pablo Bronstein at the ICA

Mary Katrantzou has been making a name for herself as an expert print designer, with her meticulous & detailed designs taking strong information from not only the discipline of fashion – but other areas including product and chiefly interior design.

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Sent from the Studio (11.03.11)

It’s Friday. But you know that already. What you might not know is that Friday means that we share with you the links that get sent and shared here in the PDD studio. Enjoy!

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