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CMF Trend: Pop Art – Back with a BOOM!

It may or may not be of any coincidence that the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition currently on at the Tate Modern London seems to coincide with a rival of Pop Art in ‘popular mass culture’. So this got me thinking; where have I seen Pop Art ‘popping’ up and why has it ‘exploded’ into the 21st century?

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Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is becoming more common place through products like Nike+, but there are still many questions to be asked about what the future holds and how consumers will accept the ‘new normal’ for wearable technology. Our Principal of Design and Innovation, Oliver Stokes, writes for Techopedia on the future of wearable technology. The full article is available here.

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CMF trend: Unfinished finishes

Over the last year or two the design world has favoured the organic finishes nature offers us. But recently we have noticed this taking an extreme turn, as designers create a hyper-raw aesthetic that is both hideous and intriguingly beautiful at the same time.

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