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Wound Care Innovation Planning

Analysing product usage informs innovation planning

A global wound care solutions provider commissioned PDD to research how multiple stakeholders in the US perceived its products and treatments.

PDD mapped the treatment journey, analysed product use, identified knowledge gaps, and captured the internal understanding of how the provider was perceived in relation to the competition.

PDD insights from research challenged the client’s assumptions about its perception in the market and about which stakeholders had most influence over purchasing decisions. Crucially, PDD highlighted an important yet slow-moving shift in the market that presented the company with a significant commercial opportunity.

Wound care innovation planning

Going beyond a report on the findings, PDD produced a printed book that explained the market dynamics plus the roles and needs of every stakeholder. The client encouraged its senior staff to refer regularly to this book, which included practical guidelines on future innovation planning across key areas.

Wound care innovation planning

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