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Brands getting British: Diamond Jubilee packaging


on April 26 2012

As the UK and the rest of the work get prepared for the Olympics in London there is another celebration generating brand attention this month. In this post we take a look at how marketing and packaging will be saying ‘Happy Birthday’ to Her Majesty.

It seems like the UK has been getting ready for the Olympics forever. It’s been nearly 7 years since David Beckham, Ken Livingstone et al rallied together a bid that would change London’s  landscape . In a timely manner H.R.H The Queen also has a big celebration this year (as if you didn’t know). 60 years reigning on the throne combined with the world’s biggest sporting event hosted on our shores it is no surprise at all that (even global) brands are playing into British spirit to help celebrate, and boost sales. So as the Olympics gets closer and Queen Elizabeth launches her week of celebrations we’ve picked some of the best examples of newly British-ised products and packaging.

Image copyright: Heinz

American brands Heinz launched their new celebratory tins this week, harking back to their humble beginnings using simple graphics and older, minimal fonts. My favourite of the bunch is their ‘cooked spaghetti’ simply because it is so striking.

Image copyright: Kraft Foods

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has also stepped back into the past with their regal take, using scrolls, appropriate-era fonts and most explicitly of all, the royal emblem.

Image copyright: Johnnie Walker

John Walker & Sons has launched an interesting limited edition product, Diamond Jubilee. Using a rare grain and malt, John Walker & Sons bottled up this blend in 1952, waiting for 60 years to be drunk. One bottle has been given to the Queen,  the remaining 60 bottles will be sold for £100,000 each and all the proceeds will be given to the Queen Elizabeth  Scholarship  Trust.

Marmite has added their own humorous twist to their Diamond Jubilee packaging, while integrating the royal emblem with a Union Jack flag. Those with a fleeting eye may not have noticed, but Marmite has re-branded for this limited edition packaging to ‘Ma’amite’.

Image copyright: Waitrose

Waitrose and John Lewis are known for playing into their British heritage in their marketing and advertising and have recently announced their involvement in the Diamond Jubilee pic-nic, catering a lunch for 13,000 prior to the celebratory pop concert taking place at Buckingham Palace Gardens.

So with all this British celebrating to be done let’s just hope that we avoid some typical British weather!