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November 9 2020
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Philips Water Dispenser ADD6910/90 wins at DFA Design For Asia Awards

We are proud to announce that the Philips Water Dispenser ADD6910/90 has won a Merit at DFA Design for Asia Awards. The awards recognise designs that embody Asian aesthetics and culture, and influence design trends in the region.

With modern aesthetics, high-tech features and a contemporary visual brand language, the Philips Water Dispenser designed by PDD conveys the advantages of its high-end filtration system through an innovative user experience that stands out in the Asian market.

Philips Water Dispenser ADD 6910/90 designed by PDD

The touchscreen and controls are fully integrated into the body of the dispenser, seamlessly bridging the physical and digital experience for users. Features include real-time water temperature displays, a child-lock system, a water-shortage reminder and an ‘Ambient Water’ button that dispenses water at a steady 25C even in winter when inlet water temperatures drop.

The design by PDD also addresses some the issues associated with the use of water dispensers, such as changing the filter – a process that is often awkward and messy. Using slick interaction design and mechanics, our team developed a unique mechanism that works by simply opening the lid, turning and taking the filter out.

Philips Water Dispenser ADD 6910/90 wins at DFA Design for Asia awards.

The dispenser also stands out for its flexible and adaptable design. As a countertop appliance, it requires no installation and has a smaller footprint that suits the needs of contemporary households. The water tank is designed to fit different water sources with different spout heights, a common feature in many households in Asia. The clean-cut, minimal design also incorporates instant heating technology to provide drinks of different sizes and temperatures.

Successfully launched in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the Philips Water Dispenser ADD6910/90 is conceived to meet the needs of the stylish, health-focused, affluent Asian consumers.

DFA merit award 2020 logo.

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